The Retired Old Guy; Making Memories

Praise the Lord from The Retired Old Guy.

As with any other person, time for retired people is special. We know our years, maybe even days, are numbered. Being able to spend quality time with quality people is a pinnacle event of my day. This is exactly how my day developed today.

My day started early, as nearly every day does. Coffee made, dogs taken outside, Bible reading done along with prayer and then the wait. Today, I was going to one of my favorite spots with some of my favorite people, a couple of my grandsons. My boys and I were headed to the Spring River to do a little trout fishing. They are just beginning to appreciate fly fishing and today we were going to put in some practice on the river. We had a two-hour drive to get there and of course two more to get home with about four hours planned for fishing. That’s eight hours of quality time with my boys. Sounded perfect to me.

The success of the day wasn’t counted in the number of fish we caught. We caught a few and both boys felt the excitement as the fish took the fly, as well as the feel of the bent rod with a fish in tow. There were times of tangled lines and lost nymphs to the bottom. There were times of casting instruction and praises for many good casts executed. Nets got wet and applause given for fish retrieved. Trout were released for future attempts of catching again.

Catching fish wasn’t the highlight of my day, but the time spent with these boys was the real reward. We spent time talking to each other. We talked about fishing and about differences in time from my life to their lives. We talked about family and of times past. We talked about school and their education. Both are still in school, one in high school and the other in college. We also planned future trips to the river, not just this river, but other rivers to fish new waters. Hopefully we were making memories. There will be a time when I’m no longer around and memories will be all that they have of me. I want them to have memories of good times and good conversations that they can relate to their own children. For me, I’ll carry the memories of this day onward until my end of life.

Oh, the joy that filled my soul as I spent this special time with my boys – the fish caught and the time in between the fish being caught. This was a good day for this old retired guy!


About tonymccall

I’m The Retired Old Guy. I'm very happily married to my soulmate. We have 4 great children, 16 grandchildren and 7 great grands. Follow me as I try to navigate the open road of life after retirement.
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