The Retired Old Guy: Hunting

Hey gang, I’m the old retired guy coming to you.

Well, I do now have a certain amount of free time on my hands and I have to figure out what I’m going to do with it or else be completely bored out of my mind. The main thing I’ve always said I was going to do when I retired was to spend more time with my family. I have a pretty large family and my job was such that I had to work all kinds of different hours as well as most weekends, so I missed a lot of extra activities with my kids and grandkids while they were growing up.

One of the things I got involved in was hunting. I had introduced archery to my children from a fairly young age. My oldest son and myself purchased a small tract of land in the hills to hunt on. The land is covered with hard woods and has proven to be used by an ample amount of wildlife. He and his boys, as well as myself were really into traditional archery. We not only were able to spend time in the woods, but also spend many hours just shooting in our back yards or at 3D tournaments trying to get ourselves sharp for the hunting season. The time we spend together shooting has been a great bonding time for me and the grands as well as a renewal of that bonding with my son. It also has got me time in the woods with other family members – time that I hadn’t gotten while actively working a job.

Having hunting land also requires a little more work than just showing up to chase wild game. There is preparation involved before each season opens. We have had to make sure the places we hunt from are ready for each season. I hunt from a box stand elevated about 10 feet off of the ground. It has to be checked for weakness or rot before I can climb into it each year. We spend time together repairing and or maybe moving other stands to hunting spots prior to opening day. At times, there are shooting lanes to be cut and animal signs to be searched for in order to be hunting in the best spots. These times in my life now, although its later in my life, are precious to me.

These times with sons and grandsons have helped us each to learn a lot about both ourselves and each other. How we thought and how we respected things on this earth. We planned together and followed through with our plans. We’ve shared victories and disappointments. We’ve entertained ideas for each other to help us be successful. We’ve grown closer and I’ve loved it and still do.

So, I found one outlet for my time, but obviously this wasn’t enough to fulfill the many hours of life outside of the hunting season but it was a great start and I look forward to each year.

About tonymccall

I’m The Retired Old Guy. I'm very happily married to my soulmate. We have 4 great children, 16 grandchildren and 7 great grands. Follow me as I try to navigate the open road of life after retirement.
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1 Response to The Retired Old Guy: Hunting

  1. Vickie says:

    Keep moving and dont slow down!! Life is short do enjoy every second!!

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